18 February 2010

cuti taun baru cina 2010..

i don't want to narrate the whole bout this holiday..but it's still force me to write..
i'm feeling serabut just want to knock my head at the door..please,what had happened to me..relax..relax control deq..control sket...
first day agie start prepare 4 my beloved brother and sister in their wedding..terasa ditusuk sembilu bisa plak..cewah..
actually..maser cutie cutie ginilah..maser lbey sket nak wat aper yang diidamkamkan..
but i'm don't regret does not a matter..because i'm happy to get a sister in law and a brother in law..
o.m.w.a.r.k....i let you ....
I LOvE yOU..:)wink..WInK!!!


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