26 January 2012


why that should be me keep wondering all the times..
why should the other people thinks out of mine..
that was the only me who think out of the box??
surely...i'm never do it again fr my behaviour..
i did not mention all th times..keep out my voice blames anyone..
but that's actually me who suppose to make it out of my mind..
remind me when i feel empty..
to arouse me what is the meaning of life..
remind me to keep my words that make me false on that way..

where should i  begin tis opportunity..
where should i being arouse myself in ther situation..
always being on the same part of life..
where should i begin to change my mind..
what  all this hazard thing make me feel corious...!!
since when it would happen..

that should be me to keep my voice out..
surely...i want to escape and better get a GREAT ESCAPE!! other way..

there was still who can arouse you..
who beliee in you to do something great..
who being asked you...HOW TO MAKE IT!!

when the tme passed...

SO make it life...ur life..
wif a good of explaination...
for become a good situation...

I LOvE yOU..:)wink..WInK!!!

21 January 2012

i reach this far DISTANCE!!

someone asked long i take out m life from this blog..
getting more closer to what i need to rach for..

well..this year would be the preious one..
all of moment...

aku serabut...
ntahlah kenaper tetibe berlaku secara mendadak..taknak ah cter..
byak sgat..
who know bout it..sumernya aku iakan..
o..aku banyak sangat planng..but in the truth..
tak sangka segalanya jadi mcm nie..
so plan b  yang ena dibuat..
aku bukan nak menghalang sumertu..pi that's because aku serabut...aku serabut...

my minds...penuh ngan raser tanda tanya..
what am i doing buddy...
i don't feel that i was doing the right da...
aku tak rasa bender yang aku buat nie betul n tak semestinya betul...

aku aser lagu nie cam masuk jer ngan jiwa aku skunk..ntah ah...napew...
help me!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOvE yOU..:)wink..WInK!!!


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