25 December 2009

+eaTinG kFC+faMiLY+

TODAY mY faMilY anD I haVE eatEn tHE KFC

i'M goinG tO teLL U aLL aBOuT wHat'S goinG tOdaY..eVEn i'm nOt haPPy bUt i'm stiLL gLaD tO haVe a wOnderFul dinneR wiTh mY famiLY..evEn I haD eatEn iT sO manY timEs befOre thiS..

today also my brother from kuala lumpur had been home..we celebrated with the whole family..

i'm so tired to writing bout that..let me start a new topic..


yess..i got it..
you know that my elder sister and my elder brother would marry next year,...!!
at a same time..
it would happen in chinese new i hope you all will come..
now..the whole family were busy to prepare the things needed..
i was felling on top of the world..even not me will marry..

but it does not be a matter ..
i'm going to search the great time with my family..

not only i have realised about all the things happen..

all things will be okay..

stiLL I strOnGer anD strOnGEr..
I wOuLD PlaY mY nEw lifE ...

I LOvE yOU..:)wink..WInK!!!

24 December 2009

+haRI raYEr cELebratiON+mY faMILY+kak long kawEN+

"hari penuh kebanggaan"

i created 4 u even so late..
to whole my family..i luv u damn much..
"dedicate a song truly in my heart"
you are my only make me happy when skies are grey..younever know dear how much i luv please don't take my sunshine away..

a great of institution..a good harmony..

"having the minutes together"
on first day hari raya celebration..i'm felling on the top of the world..
{sebab ari 2 bley makan}

but the appaling thing comes after that..
4 d second day..
kak long married!!!
"kompang dipalu..pengantin baru..tersipu malu.."

kak long tlah diambil orang...

I LOvE yOU..:)wink..WInK!!!

+da super junior of magnificent 13+

"ThE MaGS 13 UnTiL iT bE 11 aGaIN"

bE aS a grOup oN 10tH sEptEmbEr 2OO8 (1OO9O8) at baLai pUtErI iN Our grEEn caMpUs oF sciPP , kElantaN , at a bEGinninG , wE'rE onlY 11 anD naMed Our grOup aS cHiQuititaS / maGs 11 bUt oN noVemBEr , EvErYthinG iS cHanGe !wE'rE bEcOmE 13 mEmbErs anD chaNGe our GrouP's namE aS maGniFiciEnt 13 ! maGniFiciEnt 13 is alwaYs 13 ! sTartEd frOm thaT i'm bEcomE my sElf..

jaA 's saYs :

i'm fEEl rEalY gLaD tO knOw whO wE arE..wE arE nOt stranGers evEn mOre EviL.. bEcausE wE maGnificEnt tHirtEEn CaN GroW anD sPreaD Out thE whOlE aRe wE..wE aLwaYs toGether...... toGether..... and ..fOrEvEr ..wE caN bE mOre thaN anYOne wOuld evEr'S riGht..??
i'm nOt tO bE a sELFiSh bUt thiS iS frOm mE..aS a mEmberS oF yOu aLL..yOu teLL mE bUt wE thinK wE arE diffErEnt..wE rUn tO maKE tHE trutH wE arE..nO onE coulD sEE wE arE..bUt thE worlD sEE uS..

"we have go through the lava..the deep sea..the obovios end..the outer space.."
"we learn more about friends..not even more a friend but a family ??"

"i'm really until know that we have different thinking since two of us were missing and let us be 11 again..
but we still mags 13 right ??"

"long time we share our problem..our attitude and sometime we could be the actors...!!"

(what beautiful we are...??)
but we much form a new one and no one can believe who we are sometime..

i'm happy with you guys even sometime i was my heart had broken..
but i'm still keep it up..bcoz you all alwez be there for me and the others right??

"we share our deligted and sorrow and we could not imagine it all when we together..a lot of inspire come..but we still together.."

+++i love you all so much !!+++

a great friends..a great sisters,...and agreat twins we are...!!

if someday a time come and separate us..please remember this and keep in you memory..
i'm sorry if i'm been said that i'm tired with you all..
but i'm still mags thirteen 4eva and 4 eva..
coz i learn more about the world with you all..

still rememba me as ..jaa


thiS iS oUr mEmbErs.
  • a'a
  • imana
  • lynn
  • dayah
  • amy
  • syaza
  • syikin
  • sha
  • tasya
  • and me..jaa..

++i'm nOt GoNNa bE thE fiRsT cOz U aRE thE fiRsT anD laST...++


I LOvE yOU..:)wink..WInK!!!

+mY hiSTOrY+mY OwN wORLD+

"THE viSUaL sHiT"

i'm goING trouGh thE dEEp sEa jUst tO narratE mY wHOLE drEamS EvEn mY histOrY..

"i wake up again from the dreams..but the dreams was frustrated me and i don't know why.."

+sometime i'M gonna think that i'm lucky but sometime not..+
and you know i pretented to be that..

i'm just like a quite person...
always like that ..and i'm always thinking bout my self..

wHaT a fEElinG likE thaT??

i want to build my new world and no one can see that..
i just want do that but still no one can believe me..
i'm pretented..i'm always pretended to be that .. world still cannot see me who are me..
even in my school..
i have a group..named..mags 13..

we always together..laughing and studying..
sometime.. i'm was happy with them but even i was happy but i'm still sad..

and many of our sorrounding look down to us..
but even more we still like that..

until two of us were missing
that's why i'm gonna feeling wrong..

i don't know what i want to describe here but till i get in the group i'm feeling my world full of history..
but not at all..

this time i'm gonna make a true world ..
and i gonna start a new life ..

but i'm still learning..learning..and learning..
learn about the world..

i'm going to start a new inspire...
new inspire??

since i'm in secondary school..i known a girl and i call she "sister"
so caring lovely..
but i'm false describing her..
maybe i could only see her in the other world..
and i don't have to jelous if she have another person because..
i'm not that such people..

but i was a lucky girl because she came into my's enough for me..
+today..and next day..i'm getting to forget her..+

+forget my old experience and start a new life..+

"but even i forget the whole thing..i'm still remember that i could learn somethings about the past..."

i could learn to be stronger..stronger,,and more stronger..
i'm still writing..
if i want to express my feeling..
i'm still dreming till i could get the true..
coz i'm was a lucky person...
for me...

if i fall..i can wake up again and i gonna say"who push me away"
but i don't put a blame to anyone..

++++++just keep it up,...and never give up..+++++
"till u get a strength of yourself"

I LOvE yOU..:)wink..WInK!!!

22 December 2009



sINce I at primary schOOl , I wOke uP intO my drEAms , i sEE mY wOrld fuLL of hisTOry .... bUt I caN't bEliEvE tHat I'm stiLL can wakE uP..I thOUght mY wOrlD withOUt friEnDs cOUld changE nothinG bUt i'm jUst tHinkinG likE thaT..thEy tOOk mE hErE..friEnd..juSt siX wOrDs tO saY staRts wiTh F.R.I.E.N.D.. and I ask mY tEachEr whAt thE mEaninG oF frienD??mY tEacEer sayS thaT "kawan" it juST a shOrt mEaninG..I waNt tO knOw mOre and mOre ....thEn , I OpEn thE diCtiOnarY iN thE librarY:wHaT iS thE mEaninG oF friEnD?? thE diCtiOnarY saY thaT frienD mEanS "a person that you know and like"
bUt it dOesn't maTTer..fOr mE friEnd mEanS a lOt >>iF i gOing tO exPlain thErE's nO nEEd 4 u aLL bUt I can Explain it jusT want tO teLL YOu tHat frienD mEans lOt>>

++a stOrY : eNtittLe's mY friEnDs ++

mY friEnDs..sOmEtimE i thinKinG oF yOu..sOmetimE nOt bUt i'm stiLL tHinkinG oF yOu thErE's nO othEr's riGht bUt thE pErsOn uPon 18 abOve think bOut bOyfriEnD aNd girlfriEnD bUt nOt aLL..
iN othEr wOrld..what wOOrld?? what i'm taLkinG bOut?? huhh.. I'm gOinG baCk tO my stOry ..
laSt cOuplE oF yEaR I knOwn thrEE friEnDs namEd A..B AND C.. FIRST I want tO tELL yOu tHat A iS a hardworking persOn..shE's clEvEr bUt shE alOne...WHy?? cOz shE dOesn't havE friEnD that cAn sharEd hEr tEarinG's alsO cOz shE alwaYs likE waNt tO crY..NEXT B and C iS alwaYs tOgEthEr whatEva haPpend bUt stiLL cannOt unDerstanD eaCh othEr..WHO YOU THINK THAT ARE IN PROBLEM?? fOr a ..shE nEEd somEOnE tO sharE hEr historY anD fOr A and B thEy gOing tO taLk that friEnDs nOt mEan anYthinG..AFTER THAT.. tiLL onEdaY..D waS cominG in front oF thEm betwEEn A and B,C...what happEn..?? D iS a friEnDly pErsOn..shE dOnt want anY mOre cOnfuseS abOut friEnd .. shE havE an idEa..shE's gOing tO taLk to onE bY onE..and yOu knOw that shE sharE prOblEm..tEarinG,..anD sOmetimE shE enjOy it daMN much..shE tELL aLL oF thEm that "may i be your besfriend you promise not to tell anyone about it??or if i can't can i be your your friend till i die" she going to tEll it tO aLL of thEm onE bY onE..wHat haPPen?? aLL oF thEm haPPy anD thEy aCCept hEr..yOu knOw what's happend next?? stiLL tOday..thEy stiLL tOgether because they accept D eventHough thEmsElves nOt knOw that thEy havE a same funny..because of what??....
because if D walk with A then B and C could bE thEre bEcausE thEy want staY with D..
dO you think that D iS clEver??..
bUt yOu muSt knOw D dO that cOz shE lOvE hEr friEnDs whatEva hOw manY oF them.. oR hoW manY are thEm..shE stiLL havE speciaL timE with thEm..
diD yOu want tO knOw mOrE abOut D??..that HAVE sO manY histOry..
ask mE..cOz d iS mE..that mY luCkY histOrY....

..........pEn OFf.....

I LOvE yOU..:)wink..WInK!!!


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